"This was the second attempt I'd had at learning to drive after a long hiatus due to the pandemic - but it was certainly the most confident I've felt behind the wheel, and that was undoubtedly a result of Margaret and her teaching style. She was always calm, clear and patient. Her instruction was excellent and her ability to make me feel at ease as a student was the thing I appreciated most." - MC


"Margaret has the patience of a saint. Every lesson was a fun experience and without her help I doubt I would have passed. She helps you relax and instils a confidence in you when learning . it's not the same now I can drive as I miss our chats and laughs so might just have to get a cardboard cut out of Margaret for when I am driving on my own. Great driving instructor" - JMcL


"Very good coach" - YX


"Margaret really helped grow my confidence driving as to begin with I found it quite daunting. Margaret always gave clear instructions and was always really helpful when I had any concerns. I managed to pass first time which I never thought I would do and this had a lot to do with Margaret’s patience and commitment. I would highly recommend Margaret to any new learners out there" - AL


"Margaret was very patient and welcoming, I enjoyed all my lessons with Margaret. She helped put me at ease when I was nervous and encouraged me all the way. I would highly recommend to anyone" - NC


"Ever since my first lesson with Margaret I looked forward to that Wednesday after school just for the amazing experience, laughs and all the fun that was learning to drive with Margaret and no matter what happens she keeps her cool and never raises her voice" - JM


"As an older learner I was anxious about getting behind the wheel but Margaret put me at ease straight away. She is patient, calm and has a great positive attitude. She is very knowledgeable and explains things clearly and in a way that is easy to understand. The skills she taught me along with her belief in my ability gave me the confidence needed to pass my test. I would highly recommend her" - LG


"I have spent the last year learning to drive under Margaret's expert guidance. Her constant encouragement and unwavering support have dramatically boosted my confidence behind the wheel. I highly recommend Margaret to anyone looking for a great driving instructor!" - MA